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Timberline Hosting – It Just makes Business Sense!

  • Are you facing high costs to buy a new server or upgrade your existing one?

  • Do your job sites and other remote locations experience connectivity issues due to slow internet coming from your office?

  • Are you thinking about upgrading to Sage Timberline Enterprise, but your current server doesn’t meet the specifications to run it?

  • Are you looking to save money on IT costs, and consolidate services ?

Consider hosting your Sage Timberline applications with, a Las Vegas-based internet service provider and application hosting company.

All data, including the application itself, is stored and hosted from a centralized location. This solution removes the burden of maintenance, support, software upgrades and equipment from the end users, as well as consolidate multiple associated expenses into one low monthly price.

When making the choice between On-Premise Products and Hosted Solutions, business and I.T. decision-makers should use the following questions to determine which is best suited to meet the needs of their organization:

  1. Do you have the financial resources to withstand the upfront capital costs of acquiring the hardware and software to support your business requirements?

  2. Do you have the internal skills to select the right hardware and software to meet your business objectives?

  3. Do you have sufficient resources to successfully deploy and keep your hardware and software up and running?

  4. Do you know if you are getting the best performance and greatest value from your hardware and software investments?

  5. Do you have the expertise and experience to combat today's escalating security threats?

  6. Would you rather focus your limited financial and staff resources on your core business? offers two options for hosting your applications:

You can use 100% of their equipment and they will ensure that your system is always upgraded to the required specifications to provide optimum service for you and your users.

However, if you already own a server, but want to take advantage of the faster connectivity offered by, you can send them your server and they will install it in their racks and their internet lines (collocation). They can provide the hands on labor necessary to make hardware changes and upgrades, and you will be charged for labor and parts. Either option includes Exchange hosting and each Timberline user will receive a free Exchange account.

About Arogo.Net is financially stable and owns all of their hosting equipment… nothing is leased or purchased on payment plans. They are also 100% US-based. When you become a client of, you will speak to your account manager, the same person you always talk to when discussing your system. You won’t have to worry about getting passed to various call centers throughout the world until you reach the right person who can help with your system. They pride themselves on providing personalized customer service. staff is also very familiar with Timberline applications, so you will receive the benefit of their knowledge and experience. has been in business since 2002 and has provided their clients with the utmost in reliability, security and super fast network connectivity. customers enjoy all of the benefits that this Las Vegas data center has to offer.

  • RAID arrays on servers - give you high performance, scalability and immunity from disk failure.

  • Multiple/Redundant fiber optic connections to the internet backbone ensure that plenty of bandwidth is available.

  • The data center itself is temperature controlled and contains seismically secured equipment racks. It also offers a high level of security including state-of-the-art smoke detection and fire suppression systems, motion sensors and 24x7 secured access, as well a video camera surveillance and security breach alarms.

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