Apple Mac Mini Dedicated Servers - Apple Xserve Dedicated Servers

Server Class CPU Cores CPU Memory Hard Drive Bandwidth Price  
Mac Mini 1.5GHz Core Solo 1.5GHz  1 GB  60GB SATA  800GB  $94.95 Customize
Mac Mini 1.66GHz Core Duo 1.66GHz  1 GB  60GB SATA  800GB  $114.95 Customize
Mac Mini 1.83GHz Core Duo 1.83GHz  1 GB  80GB SATA  800GB  $119.95 Customize
Mac mini 2.5Ghz Dual-Core i5 2.3Ghz  2 GB  500GB SATA  800GB  $124.95 Customize
Mac Mini 2.66GHz Core 2 Duo (OSX Server) 2.66GHz  4GB  Dual 500GB SATA  800GB  $144.95 Customize
Xserve-2.0Ghz-Four-Core Xeon Two 2.0GHz Dual-Core Intel Xeon (4-core)  1 GB  80GB SATA  800GB  $199.95 Customize
Xserve-2.8Ghz-Eight-Core Xeon Two 2.8GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon (8-core)  2 GB  80GB SATA  800GB  $299.95 Customize
Mac mini 2.3GHz Quad-Core i7 3.0GHz   16GB 1600MHz DDR3 SDRAM  2x 1TB Pro SSD Hard Drives  800GB  $345.00 Customize
All of our Mac plans include:

  • Free IP addresses (as needed/justified)
  • Web Based Remote Reboot
  • Bandwidth Reporting/Graphs
  • Off-Server Backup Space (20GB)
  • Month-To-Month Agreement (No Long-Term Contract)


NEW:  Intel based Mac Mini and Xserve plans featuring Intel Core Solo, Duo, and Xeon processors.

Dedicated Apple Mac Mini with Intel Core Solo Processor hosting Dedicated Apple Mac Mini with Intel Core Duo Processor hosting Dedicated Apple Mac Mini with Intel Core 2 Duo Processor hosting Dedicated Apple Xserve with Intel Xeon Woodcrest Processor hosting

The Intel Core Solo processor shares most of the revolutionary features of the Intel Core Duo, but sports a single processor that delivers two times the performance of the original Mac mini. It includes 2MB of onboard cache, and is built with the 65-nm process, for more power per watt.

The Intel Core Duo is actually two processors built into a single chip, giving this model Mac mini up to four times the horsepower it had previously. More than an evolution of processor design, Intel Core Duo is an order-of-magnitude leap forward.

Based on Intel’s next-generation Core micro architecture, it runs up to 39% faster than previously. Intel Core 2 Duo achieves far higher levels of performance while actually consuming less power. With its 64-bit processor architecture, the Intel Core 2 Duo can manipulate data and execute instructions in chunks that are twice as large. It has up to 4MB of shared L2 cache and 128-bit SSE3 vector engine.

The new Xserve works faster, harder, and more efficiently than ever before. And it all starts with the 64-bit Quad-Core (8 cores with dual processors) Intel Xeon “Harpertown” 5400 series processor. Thanks to this powerful 45-nanometer Intel Core microarchitecture processor, Xserve now runs at blazing speeds up to 3.0GHz. Each Intel Xeon processor has its own 1600MHz system bus for up to 25.6GB/s of bandwidth, so there’s even faster access to main memory.

Arogo.Net offers Apple Mac Mini and Xserve dedicated servers. The Mac mini runs Apple OS X Leopard 10.5 or Tiger 10.4 and can serve as a web server, email server, FTP server, File server, Application server, and More. Xserve comes with OS X Leopard 10.5 Server. Having a dedicated server in our datacenter mean less time worrying about the server hardware and connectivity, and more time to focus on your business plan. We make sure the server is running optimally, and you concentrate on running your business.

Here are some of the free (open source) services you can run on your Mac. Most of them are available as binaries ready to install:

  • Apache web server (1.x and 2.x) - link with PHP, SSL, and WebDav

  • IMAP, SMTP, POP3 services - (Postfix, Cyrus)

  • Zimbra Collaboration Suite - link

  • Horde Groupware Webmail Edition - link

  • Darwin Streaming server - link

  • Webmail clients - (Squirrelmail, Imp)

  • MySQL database server - link, phpMyAdmin

  • DNS Server - link

  • Webmin web-based control panel - link

  • Many, many, many more...

Don't Buy if you dont want to....Rent!

In most cases, renting a Mac from Arogo.Net is more cost effective than purchasing and hosting  it, both in initial cost, and long term cost.

Renting allows you to upgrade at any time at minimal cost. When a new, more powerful, Mac mini or Xserve comes out, you can simply upgrade your plan and migrate to a new Mac mini or Xserve. In contrast, if you had purchased a Mac mini and you wanted to upgrade to a more powerful Mac mini, or an XServe rack mounted server, you would have to purchase another Mac, and sell your old Mac, or find some other use for it.

With a rented Mac mini or Xserve, we take care of any hardware repairs at no cost to you. Your Mac develops a problem...We fix it right away, or replace it with another one. All at no additional cost to you.

With a Mac mini or Xserve dedicated server, you have full access to your server's resources. The server is dedicated to you, and no other customers are configured on it, unlike shared hosting plans where servers are operating with data from multiple clients. You get full root access and remote control.

Use SSH to configure and control the server, or use VNC to view the server's desktop on your computer just like if you where sitting in front of it. You can even use VNC to control the server through SSH, thus giving you a secure (encrypted) remote control connection.

Other remote control software can also be used, like Timbuktu or Apple Remote Desktop.

All of our Mac Dedicated Server Plans are hosted on State Of The Art datacenters. These servers, and their connectivity, are monitored 24/7 to insure their uninterrupted operation and notify system administrators of any faults or possible problems.

  • Web-Based Hard Reboot - Control Panel for cycling the power to your server.

  • Availability - Get started quickly, and get 100% server resources.

  • Reliability - Guaranteed 99.9% uptime.*

  • Confidentiality - Your files are secure with us.

  • Throughput - Your pages come up quickly for your visitors.

  • Scalability - Get more servers to handle more load as needed.

  • Support - 24/7 access to support that provides prompt, useful answers to your questions.

  • Control - You have full control of your server to do as you please.

  • Information - View bandwidth utilization for your servers.

  • IP Addresses - Each Dedicated server comes with 1 IP address. Additional addresses can be provided at no cost (Additional IP addresses must be Justified according to ARIN rules)

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Mac Mini 1.5GHz Core Solo

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Mac Mini 1.66GHz Core Duo

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