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Server Class CPU Cores CPU Memory Hard Drive Bandwidth Price  
Single Core VPS / VM 2.0 2.0GHz   1 GB  20GB RAID  800GB  $64.95 Customize
Single Core VPS / VM 3.0 3.0GHz   1 GB  40GB RAID  800GB  $74.95 Customize

VPS/VM Servers

A Virtual Private Server is a single virtual Operating System installation that is hosted on a physical server. The hardware on which it is installed is shared among many VPS 'nodes'. This allows for a more economical pricing structure, while providing most of the benefits of a dedicated hardware server.

Virtual Pirvate Servers/Virtual Machines are the perfect solution for those customers who want to upgrade from shared hosting accounts to a dedicated hosting environment without the large jump in cost. A Virtual Private server gives you dedicated/full root/administrator access to the operating system. This allows custom software installation, OS configuration, as well as providing a private/secure server environment. Your data is not visible, accessible, or shared with any other user. It's the same as having your own Operating System to configure to your specific needs.

A VPS is also great for developers who wish to stage and test software solutions before deployment on production servers. Install your development tools and testing software on the VPS server and test/develop your applications and websites without the need to use production servers. Give access to different programmers without having ti provide access to live servers.

Use the VPS as a warm stand by backup server for your critical live servers, or simply use it as a file/backup storage service.

A VPS server is also a great economic option to setup purpose specific servers such as Mail, DNS, FTP, Web, etc...


  • Performance - Each VPS server is allocated it's own RAM, CPU, and hard drive space.

  • Freedom - Full root/admin access to the operating system.

  • Security - Private Operating system (no other customers have access to your OS installation).

  • Economical - Lower cost than a dedicated hardware server.

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Mac Mini 1.5GHz Core Solo

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Mac Mini 1.66GHz Core Duo

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Mac Mini 1.83GHz Core Duo

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